Scanning some of my father’s photographs and posting them on this site, I am struck by the quality of the family photographs that he took as we were growing up. We always had three or four photo albums in the living room. They contained photos of our parents’ life before kids (inconceivable to us kids as that concept was) and many more documenting our growing up in Montreal and Toronto. While I always had a special place in my heart for those albums and those photos, and spent hours poring over them. I guess I took them for granted. Didn’t everyone have albums like that? Looking at those photos now I realize that no, most families did not in fact have albums like that. The photos also give me a glimpse into how our father saw us as we were growing up. He wasn’t particularly demonstrative as a father, at least verbally or even physically, but I see now what we meant to him, as reflected in these photographs. And that makes it all the more poignant to look at them now.


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