Loitering, aspects of being in the world, was published by Tod in 2006. It provides some insight into the workings of his mind. Please feel free to browse through the various chapters.  As Tod says:

These essays derive from a lifetime spent in Canada and England making a living in a variety of ways. There are essays on talking to children, sailing a boat, encounters with the daemonic, beauty, God, sexuality, hallucinations and even how to pronounce the number seventy-seven. It is a book written about walking the human line, or trying to, in a world at once horrifying and astonishingly beautiful, by a man who describes himself as 51 percent optimist, 49 percent pessimist.

Table of Contents

aspects of being in the world

Copyright 2006, Tod Greenaway

ISBN 0-9780659-0-5

Published in 2006 by Tod Greenaway
609 Latimer Street
Nelson, BC
V1L 4V2

Some of these essays have been published in West Coast Line