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I remember where i came from There were burning buildings and a fiery red sea I remember all my lovers I remember how they held me World without end remember me. East. the edge of the world. West. those who came before me. When my father died we put him in the ground When my […]

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Scanning some of my father’s photographs and posting them on this site, I am struck by the quality of the family photographs that he took as we were growing up. We always had three or four photo albums in the living room. They contained photos of our parents’ life before kids (inconceivable to us kids […]

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Amy and I drove to Nelson on November 7, two weeks after papa passed away. We ate and drank and talked. And laughed. Sitting in my parent’s place, surrounded by my father’s work–his furniture, his art, his minutiae–I decided to build this website. He and I talked about websites sometimes and he experimented with blogging […]

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Tod had a fondness for the Palatino typeface. He would occasionally use another font for effect, for a headline perhaps, but for most applications he couldn’t understand why anyone would use anything else. He would sometimes comment favourably on one of my cover designs for The Bulletin, but would often temper his praise with a […]