It is morning. It rains. Not heavily, but it rains. Across the street a man sits at his ease in his car. His girlfriend has the hood up, is checking the oil level. She wears a light print frock, head and feet are bare.

I am enchanted by the grace of her bare arms, blanched against the wet shrubbery, as she wipes the dipstick with a gesture of incomparable elegance, plunges it into the engine block, withdraws, holds it up to examine it intently, then walks to the window of the car. The driver rolls down the glass to look, nods his lordly assent and closes the window.

It is odd. An absurd beauty. A beautiful absurdity to start the day. ~ Tod Greenaway

Tod Greenaway was born on a farm in Manitoba on April 25, 1927. He died in Nelson, BC, on October 24, 2008. He was a complex man – endlessly curious about the world, yet often seemingly removed from it. If you asked, what did he do? I would answer that he worked with his mind and with his hands. He made things from wood. He wrote. He took photographs.

He was, of course, much more than the sum of all that, yet these are the things he leaves us with. And our memories of course. This website is a memorial to Tod, our father, so that you may catch a glimpse, at least, into who he was.

His 2006 book, Loitering, aspects of being in the world, is published here. A collection of essays, the book is an intensely personal journey into his thoughts and way of seeing the world.

From time to time, we will be posting thoughts, memories, or what-have-you, on the Remembering Tod page. If you knew Tod [or even if you didn’t] and would like to add something, please contact John or Rachel – see the Contact page – and we’ll post it for you.